Cthulhu Fhtagn, Indianola, TX

Subject: Unknown Deity; Likely Cthulhu
Age: Unknown
Materials: Unknown
Discovered: Indianola, Texas  August, 1886

Indianola is a ghost town located on Matagorda Bay in Calhoun County, Texas, United States. The community, once the county seat of Calhoun County, is a part of the Victoria, Texas, Metropolitan Statistical Area. In 1875, the city had a population of 5,000, but on September 15 of that year, a powerful hurricane struck, killing between 150 and 300 and almost entirely destroying the town. Indianola was rebuilt, only to be wiped out on August 19, 1886, by another intense hurricane, which was followed by a fire. Source:Wikipedia

Following that Hurricane, there was a lot of legend and folklore that arose pertaining to the fate of the town and whether or not the disasters were provoked or perhaps invoked as a result of conjuring or witchcraft.

This speculation was never confirmed, however, at the epicenter of the ruined area, this small idol was recovered standing atop an undisturbed altar. Carved from an unknown material resembling an exotic hard wood, the idol stands several inches tall and is incredibly light for it's appearance. This little idol certainly inspires more questions than it answers.


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